Q. What Disney character would you be?

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The Disney universe is full of heroes, villains, sidekicks and protagonists. From Marvel to Pixar, Star Wars to classic Disney tales. But which character are you most like, and what traits do you share with them?

This isn’t one of those multiple-choice questions, where we tell you which Princess you’re most like, or which baddy you’d be - you have to do the reflection work yourself here.

How to find your answer:

1. Write down a list of personality traits you’d say are true for you.

2. Put them into positive and negative columns, and try and find a “good” character which matches you, and a “bad” character too. Don’t feel restricted to Disney characters either - what other characters from fiction might you feel a kinship with?

3. Ask a friend the same question - which character do they think you closely match with?

4. Are there any characters you’d love to be like - what are their traits?

Answer this question yourself, and send it to your team, so they can answer too!


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