Manual of Me.

The Manual of Me is a tool to help you gather and share insights about how you work.

It’s a personal user manual, so people can understand how best to work with you, especially important whilst we’re all working remotely: a short set of questions and answers to help you communicate what your needs and preferences are.

Whether you’re self-employed, employed, remote working, have a portfolio career or just getting started - it’s important to invest in understanding your own ways of working with others, as strong communication and relationships are critical to doing your best work and looking after your mental health at work.

The Manual of Me helps you discover and share how you work best.

Weekly Questions, Monthly Exercises, Sharing, Feedback and much, much more.

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Manual of Me - Foundations

  • Start writing your Manual - build your own Manual of Me using our offline templates.

  • Weekly Question - A new question each week to consider adding to your Manual, or asking your team.

  • Monthly Review - a gentle nudge to review and reflect on your Manual’s questions.

Manual of Me - Online (£6/month)

  • Access to the full online Manual of Me platform to edit and share your Manual

  • Monthly coaching exercises to help you complete your Manual.

  • Weekly share and feedback - share your answer, get feedback from the community, and input directly from the Manual of Me team.

  • Suggest your own questions - the best get included in future Manual updates.

  • Members-only writing sessions - join our hosted and facilitated writing sessions for members.

Manual of Me for Teams

Are you in an organisation who uses Manual of Me

We offer group discounts for organisations who want their teams to create the Manual of Me, so employers can pay for their employees.

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