Q. My working hours are ...

The past 18 months has forced us all to look again at how we work, where we work, when we work, and put boundaries in place to ensure we’re able to switch off, and not suffer from burnout.

Not all of us work the same hours, not all of us are available at the same times - and indeed, just because we’re working, we might not want to be contacted at certain times of the day - to have some moments of focus.

In this entry - share your working hours, but also think about times of the day where you’re more open to communication than others, and explain your preferences for things like meetings, focus and importantly, when you’re not available.

How to find your answer:

1/ Start simply: explain your core working hours, and when you’re at what locations that you work from

2/ Add some detail around your preferences for things like meetings, status calls, etc.

3/ Add some detail around any times of the day you prefer keeping meeting-free, so you’re able to focus on work.

4/ Are there any similarities across your team? Are there ‘zones’ in the day or week where everyone is focused, and can you agree upon keeping them protected, or better moments for all-team meetings that don’t clash with people not being around?

Answer this question yourself, and send it to your team, so they can answer too!


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