Q. If I had a paid month off work over the summer, I would...

Not everyone gets paid leave, small business owners, freelancers, full-time parents - but even fully employed workers often have to eek out every last drop of their holiday allowance to take time off and rest.

What would you do if you had an extra month of paid time off during the summer months? How would you use it, where might you spend it, and what might be the outcomes?

How to find your answer:

1/ Imagine this is additional time on top of any allowance you already have - so you have an extra month to really use as you want.

2/ Share how you’d use the month, and perhaps break it down into what, where, when and why.

3/ Is there something in that month which you’d be able to find ways to do even if you didn’t have extra time off? Is important enough to you, that you’d try to find ways to make something like that happen?

4/ Chat with your team and colleagues to find out their answers, and see what similarities exist - if you’re all looking for rest, does it mean there’s too much going on at work?

Answer this question yourself, and send it to your team, so they can answer too!


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