Q. I’d really like to work with …

What people or teams would you like to spend more time with, working together on projects, and why?

We all have individuals or teams we’d love to work with for some reason - perhaps they are a part of our organisation we know very little about, perhaps we have respected them from a distance for a while, perhaps we’ve worked with them before and really enjoyed it, or maybe we just want to learn how they work.

Use this entry in your Manual of Me to capture some of the people you’d want to spend more time with, and the reason why, and then take action on it.

Share your Manual of Me with that individual or team, and see if you can make something happen!

How to find your answer:

1/ Think back over the past 12 months - who have you crossed paths with that you found interesting, inspiring, or simply discovered as someone new in your network?

2/ Add to that list people you follow or have read about, perhaps via social media, in the news, your sector media, or just generally have come across.

3/ Now think inwardly, and list the people you’ve worked with recently that you found you worked well with, or want to spend some more time with to understand their work better.

4/ Now shortlist, pick two people from in your network and two people from outside your network, and list who they are, the reasons why you’d like to work with them

5/ Send your Manual of Me and let them know you’d love to work with them.

COMING SOON! Add directly to your Manual of Me.

You’ll soon be able to add these weekly questions directly into your Manual of Me if you’re a registered user on our platform. Over time, you’ll build up more insight into how you work, and others can learn how to work with you. If you’re not already signed up for an account - visit my.manualof.me to get started for free.